Our History

Despite being the most affluent nation in the world, America has consistently faced increasing financial challenges. A recent study showed that 90 percent of working-age households in the U.S. are not saving enough for retirement, and about 45 percent have nothing saved at all. Another study estimated about 80% of Americans share only 7% of the financial wealth, leaving 20% of Americans own 93% of the financial wealth distribution in America. This statistic proves an imbalance wealth ownership in America. The cause of such problems for most Americans come from lack of financial leadership to properly protects and grows what matters most to them. For this, many people express uncertainty in achieving the American Dream.

Our Story

As financial advisors, we have not done nearly enough to give consumers control over their financial future. It is now time to start educating and empowering consumers about financial leadership and planning. Americans need to feel knowledgeable planning for their capital protection, accumulation, and distribution in the most efficient ways. The demand for service is huge in the financial industry. We are calling for passionate individuals to be part of our movement to shift the wealth equation and elevate all Americans to achieve their financial dreams and become truly wealthy.


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