"Everything you've ever wanted is

on the other side of fear."

George Addair

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    LEGACY is created by receiving wise counsel and taking bold action!

     I live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Denver Colorado with my wife and 2 daughters and have over 18 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Sales, Leadership & Personal Development, Business, and Finance.

    As a 2 tour combat Navy veteran, former Corporate Sales Executive, and life long entrepreneur, I focus on improving mindset, business process, income replacement, tax-efficient retirement, and college funding. I've worked with thousands of teachers, nurses, pastors, salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs: to transform their mindset, business processes, and finances to achieve maximum results.

     It is a huge blessing and privilege to serve young families and professionals and especially helping teachers, nurses, pastors, and small business owners retire comfortably, accumulate highly flexible college funding accounts, and protect their income in cases of terminal, chronic, critical illness and critical illness.




CONTACT:  jamesconcilio@gmail.com   -   (303)915-5010