"Discouragment is the enemies favorite tool to use against you. He knows there is greatness inside of you. Kick the devil In the teeth Don't give up."

John Maxwell

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As most of the people that came from other countries. I came to California to have the American dream. I got involved in a traditional business like Video store, Tortilla rout, Courier rout and I find out that the traditional business cost a lot of money to keep running. There are Taxes, employees' paycheck, rent, and equipment cost and you name it. Then I got involved in network marking like Amway, melaleuca and world financial group. In the end I found Exertus Financial Partners that I feel its the best company to be partnered up with. It is a company that is honest credible and they have the best platform where you can grow with the company. We don't have to deal with paychecks, workmen comp and for my own experience is the best business to be involved in.



If you think you can do something, that's confident.

If you can do it, that's competence.

Both are needed for success.

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