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Aloha! My name is Jay, and I live with my family in Hilo, Hawaii. My wife Jessica and I have two daughters: Kyra, and Keahi.

I was born and raised here on the Big Island and understand the challenges that life in paradise presents. What I have come to realize is that there are problems that exist that affect all of us, and there are problems that are self-inflicted for whatever reason. Lack of knowledge, lack of experience, no mentor, not exposed to anything different, lack of ambition, peer pressure, to name a few ways we develop most of our personal problems.

I have found that the answers to almost all of our problems exist and we can use them to solve our problems with proper education. We are all able to benefit from them, but a lot of the time our minds are not open to anything new, so we do not learn them.

My focus is the bridge the gap by putting the focus on educating the people in our community.

I believe this is the answer to creating a better Hawaii for us and our children.

Together we can Rise Up!

Jay Kahee

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