What is a leader? A leader is an ordinary person, just like you and me. The leader sees the opportunity,

grabs it, and runs with it.




     I started in the insurance business in 1993. I became the no. 1 producer for National Marketing Alliance in 1994, and in 1995, I became an RVP of Primerica. I got introduced to Network Marketing in 1996 with a company that talked about the internet, so I joined because I know the internet is the future. In my first month in October of 1996, I earned $10,600. I have since built organizations of over 75,000 distributors in North America and 28,000 in Europe and Asia.

     When I found about this opportunity, I came out of retirement from insurance and got engaged immediately. Exertus is the company to run with to build a solid and big insurance business. Exertus has the management team, resources, infrastructure, software, system, support, and compensation plan that rewards both the beginner and the builder, car allowance, mortgage/rent allowance and more importantly, Exertus will be doing an IPO. That's the magic word for me.

     Join us and build a real, solid business that will be there in the years to come. Insurance business offers the stability to leave a legacy business to your family, and Exertus will be your vehicle to drive you to achieve your dream of building a residual retirement income.

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