Why does social media matter?


Social Media is beyond just a digital platform to connect with friends and family. 

Understanding the different social media platforms and how they work gives you the ability to use their vast set of tools to create strategies to reach a really big number of people.

Social Media is used not only by billions of people worldwide but also by millions of companies to generate leads, sales, and revenue.


Social Media at Exertus Financial Partners.


At Exertus we understand the value and power of social media and our social media team creates strategic content to help partners generate leads and recruit.

That content is developed so each of our partners can take that content and post on their own platforms together with their own contact information to gain attention, grow their platforms and generate results.

It’s important that every partner follows each of our social media platforms in order to stay up to date with the content and to be able to utilize it for their own benefit.


We have social media platforms for “Exertus Financial Partners” which are focused on recruiting content and “Exertus Life” social media platforms that are used for content focused on generating leads for sales.


Exertus on Facebook:





Exertus on Instagram:





Exertus on YouTube:




Exertus on LinkedIn:




Exertus on Twitter:




Exertus on Medium:



Social Media Training, Tips and Answers:


We want every partners to be successful, and for that we continue to develop ways and tools to build value and opportunities for each partner. We have a few different ways for you to connect and learn from our social media team.


1 - Exertus Social Media Network Group on Facebook

There you will tips and guides on how to set up, run, and grow your social media platforms, make sure you join the group at:



2 - Exertus Social Media Support Page

There you can ask questions, learn answers and access all Exertus social media links.



3 - Exertus Social Media Creators Club

A place to exchange ideas, this Facebook page was created for partners to practice getting creative about content, share ideas, get feedback and find ideas that other partners are using and that they can implement themselves.







The importance of engagement on Social Media


All Social Media platforms run on engagement, therefor engagement is the metric system of social media platforms. That is how social media algorithms work to measure the importance of each page and channel and rank it. 

Why does it matter? All content you post on social media is now available for the world to see, but that doesn’t mean that the whole world will see it. For your content to be seen by people, you need to be able to reach people. Pages with higher engagement are ranked higher, which means social media platforms makes them discoverable by more people, allowing new people to find, see and interact with your content. 


Exertus has created a Social Media Engagement Network, to help boost not only the company's social media platforms which makes the content we share and that you share rank higher but also boost partner’s social media platforms so they can reach more new people and generate more new leads.


The network works as the name suggests, around SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT. Social Media engagement comes with their own values, shares are more valuable than comments, and comments are more valuable then likes. Ideally, you get all types of engagement from each person, and that optimizes the results.


Social Media Engagement Incentive Program


We created an incentive program for dedicated partners who really want to grow their business. We will be proving extra services such as logo design, graphic design, and remote video production.


You can earn those services by engaging with the content in all of our platforms through the point system below:


1 point for - Like on Instagram

1 point for - Like on Facebook

1 point for - Like on Twitter

1 point for - Like on LinkedIn

1 point for - Like on Medium

1 point for - Like on YouTube

2 points for - Love or Wow reaction on Facebook

2 points for - Love or Celebrating reaction on LinkedIn

3 points for - Comment on Facebook

3 points for - Comment on Instagram

3 points for - Comment on Twitter

3 points for - Comment on LinkedIn

3 points for - Comment on Medium

3 points for - Comment on YouTube

5 points for - Share on Facebook

5 points for - Retweet


And you can redeem your points for:


1000 points - Custom Logo Set (logo, profile graphic and cover graphic for social media platforms)

1000 points - 3 custom social media posts (custom quotes, personalized with your logo)

5000 points - Custom Video (one of our promo videos with your logo and contact info)

10000 points - Custom Video (We remotely shoot your statement and personalize with your logo and contact info)

10000 point - Custom Premium Website




As we explained, engagement rates are key to growing your audience, we all start from zero followers and while the path ahead looks long we want to help our company grow because that makes each of us grow.

We want to establish a like for like ethic code between Exertus partners, that helps partners grow their platforms faster and further. So when a partner likes or comments on your social media platform, click on their profile and give them a like and comment back on their posts. By helping each other we can really exponentially increase the growth for everyone’s social media platforms.



Please remember that by taking the engagement actions listed above you are increasing the value and ranking of your own social media platforms which will help you generate more visits to your pages helping you generate leads for both sales and recruiting. So taking action has a huge value on itself for you and the success of your business. The point system was designed as an incentive on top of that to help dedicated partners to personalize their pages and have personalized content on top of all the content we already make available through Exertus.






Here is a list of the basic social media accounts you should have in order to develop a good online presence and be able to reach more people:




You might not know that but anyone can create a business page on Facebook, your business page serves very different purposes than your personal profile. 

Your personal profile (in most cases) is only seen by your friends and family, so whatever you post there won’t be discoverable by new people, even when you use hashtags. (We still recommend you share from your business page to your personal profile to get some support and a head start on engagement), but by creating your business page you can reach new people, create target demographics and get your posts discoverable by people searching for the type of content you are posting.

If you don’t know how to create a page on Facebook, just Google “how to create a Facebook Page” or look it up on YouTube if you prefer a video tutorial. (We will also be posting these tutorials on our Facebook Group, so make sure you are active on there).




It’s up for you to use your personal account or create a new one, but if you feel like keeping your personal posts separate from your business posts makes sense, you can create a separate business account and connect it to your Facebook page to share content. 

On settings, you can change your account type to business which will give you a few extra business tools.




Create a twitter account so you can engage and retweet posts. Retweeting is a great way to keep your profile active. 




You can watch videos on YouTube without an account but you will need an account to like, comment and create playlists. A great way to start with your channel and not have it all empty before you are ready to start uploading your own content is to create public playlists of videos you like and that you think would attract your target demographic.




Create a LinkedIn account, make sure it’s up to date, add as much information you can, share content there and make sure you add yourself to Exertus Financial Partners.




Medium is a great platform for written content, create an account so you can not only engage with Exertus’ content but also use as a tool to make your written content look professional and reliable.


Please remember you have a great support system within Exertus and if you have any questions or need any help feel free to reach out through our Social Media Support page.