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Become Financially Fearless

Complete the challenge and learn
  • Understand How Money Works & What to Pay Attention To
  •  Know how to assess your finances and see your true wealth potential.
  •  How to get organized to win & important habits for financial growth.
  • How to make a personalized plan utilizing modern financial strategies.
  • Build a Millionaire Mindset.
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Meet Your Speaker

Kyle has been spearheading the leadership team at Exertus since the beginning. A powerful leader and speaker, Kyle Solon has been building his influence and helping the company grow across the nation.  
What I believe makes us stand out from the others is that we observe the masses and do the opposite. You don’t make a name for yourself when you blend in and go with the crowd. The areas I feel we significantly differ from the rest is in our company culture and leadership development. Our culture centers around Faith, Family, Finance, and Fun, without these pillars we cannot lead others effectively.